MARCH 2016
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    Lesson Plans, Reproducible Worksheets and Answer Keys to support your teaching of Literacy & Science.      
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    Groundbreaking digitized classroom lessons. Engage your students with this exciting resource and see how focused they become. (See instructions below)   Use our newest classroom resource to effectively guide your students through Explorer. Test it out in class today!    
    Young Scout   Young Scout    
    Young Voyager   Young Voyager    
    Pioneer   Pioneer    
    Trailblazer   Trailblazer    
    Pathfinder   Pathfinder    
    Adventurer   Adventurer    
    Extreme Explorer   Extreme Explorer    
Enhanced Worksheets
  Are your students having so much fun that you need even more resources? Use our brand new Enhanced Worksheets! These are fully planned worksheets with activities at your disposal, and were developed specifically to attend to your immediate assessment needs.  
  Young Scout   Extreme Explorer  
  English Worksheet   English Primary Worksheet  
  Green Craft   English Secondary Worksheet  
      Science Worksheet  
  Young Voyager   Case-Based Learning  
  English Worksheet   Inquiry-Based Learning (Experimentation)  
  Green Craft   Problem-Based Learning (Classroom Debate)  
  Pioneer   Trailblazer  
  English Worksheet   English Worksheet  
  Green Craft   Science Worksheet  
  WordSearch   Inquiry-Based Learning (Experimentation)  
  Pathfinder   Adventurer  
  English Worksheet   English Worksheet  
  Science Worksheet   Science Worksheet  
  Inquiry-Based Learning (Experimentation)   Inquiry-Based Learning (Experimentation)  
    Creative Writing Software   Green Carpet Awards    
    Now students will be able to create their very own NatGeo magazines, newsletters, posters and whatever else they may dream up. The possibilities are limitless!   The Green Carpet Awards is an award ceremony recognizing the nature photography and journalistic work of young explorers from schools all over Singapore.    
    Magazine Maker II    
    Magazine Maker Teacher’s Guide    
    NGExplorer Website   Story Calendar    
    Your link to everything Explorer! Check out Professional Development and Live Webinar Schedules too!   This editorial calendar will help you integrate the topics covered in National Geographic Explorer into your curriculum.    
                   Story Calendar    
        * This calendar is subject to change.    
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  *Explorer Interactive Whiteboard lessons are now platform-neutral. To use the Interactive Whiteboard Content, you will need to install the ARALOC Viewer. Just download the app and connect your device to your IWB. Click the link for detailed instructions in setting up the app. Note that the app may not be compatible with some interactive whiteboard software. In those cases, you may wish to control the lesson directly from your device. Username and password: exploreriwb